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Photo Gallery

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Partners and Governance

Partners and Governance
This website was part of the project, Developing Local Provenance Tree Nurseries in Powys, which was a Glasu project, funded through LEADER+  Action 2.
Leader +
LEADER+ was a European Community Initiative for assisting rural communities in improving the quality of life and economic prosperity in their local area. LEADER+ is the third LEADER Programme, and is preceded by LEADER I and II.
Glasu is the EU LEADER+ programme for Powys and Mid-Wales, promoting innovative and sustainable rural development, which “add value” to natural products.
At the time, there were 57 UK Leader groups, with seven in Wales.
Action 2
Building on the success of the Leader+ approach, an additional focus to Action 2 projects was collaboration with Leader+ groups and projects in other regions.
This project worked with Adventa (Monmouthshire Leader+), Cadwyn Clwyd (Flintshire and Denbighshire Leader +) as well as other partners, including:
Native Trees and Local Provenance Trees Project Partner Logos
Complementary development
The purpose of collaboration is to develop the natural resources (eg, forestry. timber) of the respective Leader+ areas in a coordinated and complementary manner.
Different regions, common themes
Action 2 programmes involved individual Leader+ groups and projects working together under a common theme. For example an overarching theme, “From Seed to Saw" encompasses the three partners’ individual projects and actions:
  • Glasu’s Local Provenance Tree Nursery project focusesed on demand and supply of tree seed and tree seedlings.

This complements:

  • Adventa’s Woodland Revival Initiative, focusing on woodland interpretation, sustainable woodland management, marketing of local timber and supporting local employment. See below for further details.
  • Cadwyn Clwyd's Woodland Revival Initiative, where the heritage significance of woodland will be used to brand and market new products from ancient woodland, supporting sustainable local employment. See below for further details.
Sharing information and Best Practice
In addition to regular, ad hoc communications between project officers in the respective regions, collaboration was further assisted by a range of measures including: quarterly Collaborative Discussion Boards; undertaking a Comparative Analysis Study and Conference in order to share information and best Practice.
Governance and management
Tree Nurseries of Powys
The project’s day to day operations were managed at Glasu by a Local Provenance Tree Coordinator (Cliff Webb) and Project Manager (Lee Price). Also, a steering group met quarterly to further inform and guide the project. The steering group is composed of representatives of interested organisations and private individuals including:
  • Coed Cymru
  • Forestry Commission Wales
  • C.C.W.
  • Powys County Council
  • Fforwn Tirlun / Welsh Landscape Forum
  • Private sector
In addition, some members of the project’s steering group, participate in quarterly meetings of the Cooperative Discussion Board, which coordinates joint actions between action 2 project partners Glasu, Adventa and Cadwyn Clwyd.
All Leader+ groups, such as Glasu, are managed by Local Action Groups (LAGs). These are partnerships composed of representatives from the local community, with one third of board members each drawn from private, public and voluntary sectors.
For further details visit www.glasu.org.uk.
Project partners - Adventa: Woodland revival
Project summary:
In partnership with Monmouthshire County Council, Coed Cymru and SIREN Ltd , adventa is assisting in the development of Wentwood Timber Centre to develop a visitor centre in Wentwood which will promote the uniqueness of Monmouthshire’s woodlands and the timber products that are manufactured from its resources.  So far Wentwood incorporates;
  • a managed stockpile of locally sourced FSC-standard timber;
  • a timber workshop producing quality timber products from sustainably managed, welsh hardwoods, as well as offering paid employment and training to socially disadvantaged groups.
To further complement / enhance operations at Wentwood, adventa’s Woodland Revival Officer is developing documents to highlight the importance of using local provenance trees and locally sourced timber, namely;
  • a Monmouthshire Timber Business Directory to promote the local timber industry and demonstrate the supply chain linkages from raw product to end product
  • a feasibility study / business plan for the development of a visitor centre at Wentwood that will investigate the following areas;
Woodland Revival Project
Main uses of the visitor centre,
paying particular attention to those elements which will ensure repeat visits and help to extend the visitor season
b) the viability of such a centre in terms of the identification of potential target markets, potential visitor numbers, a ‘cost benefit analysis’ including identification of potential funding sources, a five year business plan and marketing strategy with recommendations for the way forward.
c) the viability of the employment of a Visitor Centre Manager whose remit will be to manage the visitor facility, facilitate educational visits, coordinate any exhibitions, oversee the management of the café franchise, develop ideas for further interpretation of the Wentwood woodlands and to promote Wentwood as an environmental tourist attraction
  • a woodland interpretation strategy in terms of the development of current / new walking routes, the development of new cycle routes and the development of interpretation for the woodlands.

Project partners - Cadwyn Clwyd: Woodland revival
Project summary
Building on the underpinning theme of the network of parks and woodlands associated with the iconic medieval castles of north-east Wales, Woodland Revival will adopt a heritage-led approach to the promotion and sustainable use of the Cadwyn Clwyd area's ancient semi-natural woodland resource. Through access and interpretation across a range of media, public awareness of the economic, natural, cultural and historic importance of the woodlands will be raised. 
The main elements of the project are as follows:
Physical Access – Development of a network of woodland trails.


Product Development – Development of new woodland products derived from semi-ancient woodlands.


Heritage Branding & Marketing – Development of a social enterprise which will act as a procurement group to market woodland by-products e.g. charcoal, wood-fuel etc. 

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